Beyond Binaries an Indo-Korean Theatre residency

Beyond Binaries is a commissioned Indo-Korean theatre collaboration that explores a story (or stories) of sexual identity inspired by Indian mythology. The production aims to be a journey of discovery, linking traditional and contemporary performance traditions. Through strong physicality the performers explore the dynamic relationship between dance and theatrical movement with live Korean and Indian traditional music. The production aims to examine how sexual identity is collectively created, defined, reiterated and very often restrained by social, religious, historical, legal and political contexts. What happens then to the individual within this collective definition? And what are those individual stories that converge to create a collective identity that will defy the stereotype handed down from generation to generation? When and why and how will their stories be told? And by whom? For whom? When can the ticking of that third box become a joyful assertion of free will?

Beyond Binariesis directed by Yosup Bae, Artistic Director of Performance Group Tuida, South Korea and is co-produced by InKo Centre and AsiaNow Productions with support from key cultural agencies in Korea. Following a residency in Chennai from 25 January to 1 March 2014, the production will premiere in Korea in April/May 2014 and will be presented in India in the same year.

Yosup Bae

Yosup BaeI read a story of Bahuchara Mata and about the Hijra Festival in Tamil Nadu, by chance, while traveling in India. At first, it wasn’t easy for me to understand that there’s a God served by transgenders and that this God protects these people. When I heard that there are Hijra communities in India, I had another question - how do they link to the mainstream society in India?. Then I started to think about the situation in Korea. As a country, based on Confucian morality and with a huge Christian population, it is very hard for us to imagine that there could be historical myths and communities for transgenders. After researching this subject, over several months, my initial questions have changed. There are many Gods in India who look very similar but are very different. Can we not consider gender issues in a similar manner? And what about love? Can these issues not be defined as dichotomous viewpoints, but as various spectrums? I hope we we will be able to see the other side of the world through the prism of multifaceted Indian myths, especially when we cannot find the answers with dichotomous logic.

Sameer Rao

Sameer RaoSameer started learning to play the flute from Pt. Veerabhadriah Hiremath in Mysore and since 2002 has been tutored by Padma Vibhushan Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia. Sameer is an 'A' graded aritst of All India Radio and has been awarded 'Surmani', 'Nadakishore', 'Yuva Pratibha' and several other awards. He has performed on many prestigious platforms in India, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Germany, England and France.

Angel Glady

Angel GladyAngel Glady has several performances to her credit has actively participated in street plays based on social issues. She has also acted in documentary and Tamil feature films and in comic plays using the red nose clown theatre technique. Angel has chosen theatre as a medium to fight against gender discrimination and violation against human rights.

Palani Murugan

Palani MuruganPalani, who is an actor, dancer and performer, hails from a traditional folk theatre background, belonging to a family of ancient Therukoothu performers. He has worked with the repertory company Koothup-pattarai for several years and has also acted in several productions with various artists and directors across India. He was selected for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a prestigious British Council theatre project which was directed by Tim Supple from the UK and presented in several countries around the world. Palani is the recipient of The Junior Fellowship Award from Ministry of Culture, India for the year 1999 – 2002 and the Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar Award from Sangeet Nataka Academi (2009).

Pooja Balu

Pooja BaluPooja is a model, painter, stage and film actor. She played the lead in ‘My Name is Cine-Maa’ a performance that won her Best Actress awards at The Short and Sweet Festival in Chennai, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur.

V. Balakrishnan

BalakrishnanV. Balakrishnan has a Post Graduate Diploma in Dramatic Arts from the National School of Drama, New Delhi specialising in acting and has completed a certificate course in acting from the Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts. He has acted, directed, designed and worked in more than 100 plays since 1994. As a Theatre facilitator he has worked with several leading schools, colleges and leading corporate houses in Chennai. Since 2000,he is the Artistic Director of Theatre Nisha, based in Chennai. He was awarded the Charles Wallace Scholarship to pursue an international residency with the Royal Court Theatre in London, UK.

Byu ng-Jun Kong

Byung Jun KongPerformer, Performance Group Tuida Stage career: 'Tale of Haruk', 'You Can't Say I Did It', 'Quartet on the Pain'.

Jae-Young Choi

Jae Young CHOIPerformer, Performance Group Tuida - Stage career: 'Tale of Haruk', 'Alice Project', 'Granma’s Shadow Box', 'Old Song’s Odyssey', 'You Can't Say I Did It'.

Ara Cho

Ara ChoAward: Best Performer, ASSITEJ KOREA, 2011. Young Artist of the Year, Seoul Theatre Festival, 2013. Stage Career: "One Day, Maybe', 'Beautiful Journey', 'Alienation'.

Hye-Ran Hwang

Hye Ran HwangPerformer, Performance Group Tuida Stage career: ‘Tale of Haruk’, ‘Hamlet Cantabile’, ‘Old Song’s Odyssey’, ‘You Can’t Say I Did It’,

Maduang / Jung-Hoon Lee

Maduang Jung Hoon LeeMusician & Stage Composer. Current Career: Artistic Director at Umdalda. Vocalist, Hanumpa Band. Morinkhuur Player at Acoustic World.

Ji-Youn Lee

Ji Youn LeePerformer, Performance Group Tuida Stage career: ‘Tale of Haruk’, ‘Hamlet Cantabile’, ‘You Can’t Say I Did It’, ‘Uhaha’.

Yonrimog Eugene Lee

Yonrimog Eugene LeeMusician and Film & Stage Composer. Current Career: CEO at Umdalda. Tanemotion Band Songwriter, Tanemotion band Keyboardist, Nunco Band.

Soo-Jin Choi

Soo Jin ChoiPerformer, Performance Group Tuida Stage career: 'Tale of Haruk', 'Uhaha', 'A Story of Barefoot'.

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