We are delighted to announce the inauguration of The Gallery@InKo Centre We open with Ceramic Connect: an Indo-Korean exhibition showcasing the work of Indian and Korean ceramic artists who have meaningfully engaged with Korea and India through residencies and events which InKo Centre has either directly or indirectly supported or facilitated.

The following Indian and Korean artists, listed in alphabetical order, will participate in the forthcoming exhibition:

Aarti Vir
Adil Writer
Aditi Saraogi
Angad Vohra
Deborah Smith
Gukan Raj
Jung, Jun Young
Kim, Jin Kyoung
Kim, Do Jin
Kristine Michael
Lee, Hoon
Lee, Jae Joon
Madhavi Subramanian
Manisha Bhattacharya
Oh, Eun-Kyo
P R Daroz
Priya Sundarvalli
Pyun, Kyu Ri
Rashi Jain
Rakhee Khane
Ray Meeker
Sharbani Das Gupta
Shin, Heewon
Supriya Menon Meneghetti
Vineet Kacker
Vinod Daroz
Yeo, Kyung Ran

Ceramic Connect at The Gallery@ InKo Centre is from 23 February to 23 March 2015. The exhibition will present the work of Indian artists who have either trained or are from Auroville and Korean artists. The exhibition will be a precursor to the Auroville Festival in Chennai which will commence in March 2015.