The Emerging Frame is a series of 4 exhibitions spread over 4 quarters and aims to commemorate 2013 as the 40th year of Indo-Korean relations. The series will be presented by InKo Centre in association with Studio Palazzo in Chennai and will focus on emerging talent from India and Korea in one or more of the following creative fields:

  • Calligraphy/Painting/Mixed Media
  • Printmaking
  • Product Design
  • New Media- Video Art; Cartoon & Animation.

The Emerging Frame 1: Calligraphy and Mixed Media Studio Palazzo
Studio 25 February to 3 March 2013 Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai
The first exhibition in the Emerging Frame series focusses on calligraphy and mixed media, using only natural elements such as stone, wood and hand-made paper. Using the medium of ink, lacquer and natural dyes, this exhibition will showcase the work of Kim, Young-sun from Korea and Anuradha Cheyyur from India, artists who work with natural elements to present creative expressions that are aesthetically pleasing, drawing in viewers with the force of their passion and conviction.

  Artistsí statements:
Kim, Young-sun I want to paint a dream. We all have dreams. If you want to achieve your dreams, you need to try and never give up. Itís hard to know if you will succeed. But Iím sure youíll get there in the end. So I want to give you hope through my art work. I want to make you smile when you see my art work. I usually use black ink and rice paper. I want to show you how there can be harmony with black ink and white paper. I also use stone as a medium. I want to, through my work, depict the beauty of stone.

Anuradha Cheyyur Textures, colours and how light changes the mood of an image are what inspire my art. I like finding objects in nature- tree barks, driftwood... Also discarded objects that I find at construction sites- mesh, rubber mats and assorted precious scrap, and incorporating it in my art panels. A lot of my work is spontaneous.. Just emerges as I work, sometimes surprising me. Other times not so lucky! One technique I love to use is layering translucent colours. My work base is usually wood, board, paper or canvas but I also like to experiment painting on stone, tile and fabric. I have also been painting murals on walls and ceilings for over 20 years now... Every childís dream! I am also an interior designer and I love to combine my art with interiors. Same thingÖ only, the canvas is bigger! Music has also been my greatest joy and inspiration. I have sung professionally for 25 years and I continue to do this whenever I get a chance.

Studio Palazzo Studio Palazzo, an art gallery established in December 2001, aims to support young and emerging artists, from India and the world. Located in Harrington Road, Chennai, the gallery provides space for exhibitions as well as for interactive sessions with visiting artists. Young artists from US, France, Netherlands & Iran have been presented successfully by Studio Palazzo in Chennai. Studio Palazzo held a group show in Male in the Maldives, on the invitation of the National Gallery of Maldives. The exhibition was subsequently taken to the Habitat Centre, Delhi. Artists from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, W.Bengal and other states participated in the group show.