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Second Half

Secret Reunion

Directed by Jang Hoon
28 March 2014

Jo has earned a reputation in Chungmuro as someone who ruins every single movie that he attempts to make. Fed up with this situation, he escapes to Gangneung, just to see the sea. While wandering around on the beach, he meets Min-ah, his ‘fan’, who recognizes him instantly. The girl looks strangely familiar. Jo requests Min-ah to guide him in Gangneung.

While in Gangneug, he meets Min-ah’s mom and recognises her as the girl that he romanced, 20 years ago, while on vacation. Could Min-ah then be his daughter? As the time approaches for Jo to leave, he tries to tell Min-ah the truth about what happened all those years ago. But what he hears is a shocking confession from Min-ah. Will Jo reveal the truth about his past to Min-ah?

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