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Directed by Byun Young-Joo
24 October 2014

This psychological mystery thriller written and directed by Byun Young-Joo, is based on the bestselling novel, All She Was Worth, by Japanese writer Miyabe Miyuki. A few days before their wedding, veterinarian Jang Mun-Ho and his fiancee Kang Seon-Yeong pull over for coffee at a motorway rest stop in Andong, south - east of Seoul. However, when Mun-Ho returns to the car, Seon-Yeong has disappeared and is not reachable on her mobile phone. Mystified, Mun-Ho begins his search for his fiancée who has vanished without a trace, only to discover dark, shocking truths about her and that Seon-Yeong was not quite the person he thought he knew.

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