Following a rousing reception at the Indian premiere in August 2015, Hamlet_Avataar, the Indo-Korean theatre production, developed by Seoul Factory and InKo Centre with support from Arts Council Korea, will be presented at the prestigious Seoul Performing Arts Festival from 8-11 October in Seoul, Korea.

The production is a dramatic re-telling of the Shakespearean original interlaced with Indian and Korean music, dance and theatre vocabularies, with the concept of 'avatar' as the underlying theme. Acclaimed dancer Astad Deboo and Baul singer, Parvathy Baul join a Korean cast and crew led by Artistic Director, Hyoung-taek Limb to present this unique production. By confronting, questining and engaging with the inevitability of opposites, the production examines the critical role of theatre to brave existential angst and to find a positive meaning in the here and now.

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