InKo Centre and Theatre Seoul are delighted to initiate a unique cultural exchange programme that aims to bring together Indian and Korean children to spread the message of peace and harmony. Following an audition process in Chennai and in Seoul, 8 children from India and 8 children from Korea have been selected to present the first-ever Indo-Korean Children's Theatre production in Korea and in India, in June and July 2011, respectively. A creative team drawn from Korea and India will work on this production, to present what is hoped will be spectacularly visual and entertaining theatre. The production, focussing on a popular Korean folktale 'Heungbu and Nolbu' will include a mixed cast of Indian and Korean children in the age group of 11-16 years and a creative team of directors and choreographers from India and Korea as well as a costume designer, set designer and make-up artist from Korea.

Heungbu Nolbu will be premiered as a musical in English at the Uijeongbu Arts Center in Seoul on 9 and 10 June 2011, following which the production will be presented at The Little Festival in Chennai on 7 July 2011 & 8 July 2011 and at the Aha! Festival at Ranga Shankar, Bangalore on 10 July 2011 & 11 July 2011.

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About Theater Seoul
Theatre Seoul is found in 1995 with a motto of combining education and theatre. Beyond the motto, it has established its special reputation as an English Musical Theatre for children, youth, and families. Experiencing diversity in language and culture, as well as building up an enjoyable knowledge, Theatre Seoul challenge the world to their dream to be the best. Starting from the first performance in New York in 2005, Theatre Seoul participated in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe three times, and also in Canada Fringe Festival; invited by the Shanghai Arts Festival for Children and Young People, Indian Children's International Theatre Festival, a charity concert in Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, etc.

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