Non-fiction writer and translator V Ramaswamy, who was a resident writer at Sangam House in 2010, has been selected as the Writer-in-Residence at the ARKO-InKo Writing Residency at the Toji Cultural Foundation in Korea from 10 September to 9 October 2015.

ramaswamyV. Ramaswamy is a Kolkata-based literary translator. He has been engaged since 2005 in a multi-volume project to chronologically select and translate the short fiction of the Bengal anti-establishment writer and little magazine writer, Subimal Misra. The Golden Gandhi Statue from America: Early Stories was published in 2010.Wild Animals Prohibited: Stories, Anti-Stories was published in 2015. Ramaswamy was a recipient of the Sarai fellowship in 2013, during which he translated Those Days, an account of Kolkata during 1970-71, the era of violent politics and state terror. Anti-Fiction, a collection of two anti-novellas by Subimal Misra, is forthcoming. Ramaswamy is currently working on the final collection of the Misra project.

About The Toji Cultural Foundation The Toji Cultural Foundation was established to support work created by Korean writers, scholars and artists. It started with the firm belief that writers, scholars and artists should be liberated from their busy daily lives to dedicate their time entirely to creating their works. The numerous creative works generated by domestic cultural artists and scholars in in Korea has made the Toji Cultural Centre a major place for creative activities in Korea. Based on the success of its domestic programme, The Toji Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the city of Wonju launched a new initiative in 2005, the Programme for Supporting Creative Works and Cultural Exchanges by Foreign Writers, Artists and Scholars.

The Toji Cultural Foundation annually invites writers, artists and scholars from around the world to work at the Toji Cultural Centre, and promote cultural exchanges and interaction between people of all cultural backgrounds. Through such exchanges, the Foundation hopes to help foreign writers, artists and scholars to deepen their understanding of Korean culture and to assist Korean writers, artists and scholars to widen their global perspective and experience. The Foundation hopes that such an opportunity for cultural exchange will ensure the establishment of a network of meaningful personal relationships and initiate sustainable cultural exchanges that will introduce Korea in general and Wonju city in particular, to the rest of the world.

arts_council_KoreaArts Council Korea (ARKO) Arts Council Korea was established to promote creativity and enjoyment of the art by supporting diverse arts and cultural activities in Korea. The Council consists of eleven dedicated professionals of the cultural and art sector in Korea. The Art Council also places emphasis on the establishment of arts infrastructure. It facilitates the rise of practice-oriented policy implementation in line with the increasingly sophisticated cultural environment of Korea.

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