Profile of Ms.Kim, Yeong-Seon  

Ms.Kim, Yeong-Seon is a professional calligrapher from Korea. Ms. Kim has majored in Calligraphy Art Design. As a part of the exchange programme between Kyoung Gi University Korea and Bu Gang University Japan, Ms. Kim's work was exhibited in Japan. In her senior year at college, she has organized an exhibition called Past and Present which was very well-received. Ms. Kim has also participated in prestigious calligraphy exhibitions organized by the Seoul Art Center. Prior to her taking up the current post of Calligraphy Tutor at InKo Centre, Ms. Kim was an engraving designer at Hongik University free market. She worked as a graphic designer at KBS Art Vision and at Cheil Worldwide and successfully converted calligraphy into a visual message which appealed to people from all walks of life. Ms. Kim was awarded the grand prize at the 'Ariban of Calligraphy Competition'.