InKo Centre and Arts Council Korea (ARKO) are delighted to invite Myungil Lee, a talented Korean novelist, as our next writer-in-residence at the Sangam House writing residency at Nrityagram in Bengaluru. Ms Lee will be in residence from 29 December to 25 January 2015 and will participate in Lekhana, the literary weekend organised by Sangam House in Bengaluru on 17 & 18 January 2015.

Myung-Il Lee is a playwright and theatre director based in South Korea. Ms Lee has an MFA in Theatre Directing from East 15 Acting School, University of Essex in London (2008). Myung-Il Lee also founded Theatre Company 201 (SU) in 2008 in London. Myung-Il is credited as the writer and director for many theatre productions including SUM (2008, in London), Shut Up!-Listen (2008, in Edinburgh), The Bag (2010), BraBraBra (2011), a Toilet (2013), The Closed Door (2014), Running Men (2014), SaeMeoRi Story (2014). She is currently working on a series of writings and shows focused on human emotions such as hope, love, lethargy and so on. Myung-Il is keen to explore how instinctual human emotions affect our lives negatively as well as positively. She is dedicated to encouraging her contemporaries to question, discuss and make new discoveries.

About The Toji Cultural Foundation
The Toji Cultural Foundation annually invites writers, artists and scholars from around the world to work at the Toji Cultural Centre, and promote cultural exchanges and interaction between people of all cultural backgrounds. Through such exchanges, the Foundation hopes to help foreign writers, artists and scholars to deepen their understanding of Korean culture and to assist Korean writers, artists and scholars to widen their global perspective and experience. The Foundation hopes that such an opportunity for cultural exchange will ensure the establishment of a network of meaningful personal relationships and initiate sustainable cultural exchanges that will introduce Korea in general and Wonju city in particular, to the rest of the world.

Sangam House is an international writer's residency programme that brings together writers from across the world to live and work among their peers in a safe, supportive and nurturing space. Every winter the Sangam House invites approximately twenty writers to live and work at Nrityagram, 40 kms outside Bengaluru in South India. Each year, half the invited writers come from the South Asian subcontinent (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) and half from other countries around the world. Sangam House is open to writers in all languages and disciplines - fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, translators, playwrights and screenwriters. Lekhana 2013, a literary weekend organised by Sangam House will be held at Jagriti Theatre in Whitefield from 18-20 January 2013. Discussions, readings and performances will celebrate "Writing for the Spoken Word" as Sangam House writers and the city's writers come together to share thoughts and words.

The following Indian and Korean writers have participated in the annual Writing Residency programme at the Toji Foundation in Korea and at Sangam House in India, respectively.
Honggyu Son Sangam House, India 4-31 Jan 2009
Mridula Koshi Toji Foundation, Korea 7-30 Sept 2009
Ham Seong Ho Sangam House, India 10-31 Jan 2010
Perumal Murugan Toji Foundation, Korea 1-30 Sept 2010
Park Hyoung-su Sangam House, India 12 Dec-9 Jan 2011
Manav Kaul Toji Foundation, Korea 1-30 Sept 2011
Eugene Lee Sangam House, India 9 Jan-13 Feb 2012
Chandrahas Chowdhury Toji Foundation, Korea 1-30 Sept 2012
Srilata Krishnan Toji Foundation, Korea 8 Oct-2 Nov 2012
Park Ju- Taek Sangam House, India 2-28 Dec 2012
Yi-Jeong Kim Sangam House, India 28 Dec-26 Jan 2013
Rajat Chaudhuri Toji Foundation, Korea 2-29 Sept 2013
Seo Seongman Sangam House, India 28 Dec-26 Jan 2014
Minakshi Thakur Toji Foundation, Korea 1-30 Sept 2014
Myungil Lee Sangam House, India 29 Dec-26 Jan 2015