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Medea and its Double

InKo Centre in association with The Korea Foundation,
the Korea Arts Management Service
and the Seoul Factory for the Performing Arts,
is delighted to premiere


which will close The Hindu Metroplus Theatre
Festival in Chennai on Sunday 16 August 2009.

                            Venue: Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall,
                            Madras Seva Sadan, No. 7, Harrington Road,
                            Chetpet, Chennai 600 031.
                            Time: 7.15 p.m.
                            Duration: 60 minutes (with no interval)
                            The production will be in Korean with English surtitles

Medea and its Double by the Seoul Factory for Performing Arts will close The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Festival in Chennai on Sunday 16 August 2009. InKo Centre is delighted to premiere in India, the Korean version of this Euripides classic, directed by Professor Hyoung-Taek Limb, a riveting and critically acclaimed production that strips bare the text and explores the human essence with a seamless integration of the body, voice and imagination.

Does Medea murder her own children, driven by anger and desperation and the desire for revenge? Do these tragic events happen even today? What drives Medea to murder most foul and what do we, as audience take away from this tragic story? Prof Hyoung-Taek Limbís Korean version of the Euripides classic examines these questions and in a deft move, constructs two Medeas on stage. The one, represents the Medea of the present, abandoned by her husband Jason, lonely and angry, desperate and revengeful, plotting and executing the death of her two young children. The other, represents the inner Medea, who once fell in love with a young man called Jason; who gave up all she had for love; who, though betrayed and abandoned, is driven by her maternal instincts to protect her two young children. In the process, what is showcased is the eternal conflict between the before and the after of the act; the inner and the outer of personalities and their conflicts. We see many sides of Medea- the feminine and the masculine; as mother and as lover as past and present fuse into a powerful re-telling of the Greek original, a story recognizable by the audience as chillingly contemporary

Director Hyoung-Taek Limb, strips the original text bare and combines Korean traditional songs and singing styles with sounds from everyday, contemporary life. He fuses Korean traditional martial arts with gestures and movements that form a part of our everyday existence. The text is spoken by actors simultaneously and with the seemingly coincidental twists and turns, the audience is gently but firmly guided to gain a greater insight into the inner lives of the characters. Director Hyoung-Taek Limb mixes occidental and oriental acting disciplines in an exploration to physicalize both the actorsí imagination and that of the audience.

Beginning as a workshop performance, the production transforms into a full scale repertoire that creates a new style that combines Korean voice and martial arts with classical theatre. The performance orchestrates everyday sounds with voice work derived from Korean traditional music, Pansori and folk songs. Winning the award for Best Direction at the 19th Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre in 2007, this production was critically acclaimed by the jury for the finesse with which voice and sound, as well as the intensity of actors and the directorís unique theatrical style have been effectively and effortlessly melded together.