hahahaTo celebrate the 40th anniversary of Indo-Korean diplomatic ties, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea, InKo Centre and the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi are delighted to present The National Gugak Orchestra, in India. Precision, power, melody, harmony, this is a performance that will soothe and uplift in equal measure.

About The National Gugak Center
The National Gugak Center is primary institution that has preserved and perpetuated traditional music for more than one thousand years. The roots of the National Gugak Center can be traced back to the Royal Music Institute of the Silla Dynasty (BC 57~AD 935).The National Gugak Center strives to creatively cultivate traditional performing art forms imbued with the philosophy of a pure Korean art tradition - a belief that one must strive for a peaceful life in a world without war, prejudice, or pollution; where heaven, earth, mankind and all of creation live in harmony. In addition to promoting the traditional performing arts of Korea, the National Gugak Center is committed to presenting cultural offerings from across the world and to satisfy humanity’s eternal quest for happiness by creating an open global community

Creative Gugak was born more than half a century ago to emphasise the need to create a future where tradition continues to stay dynamic, vibrant and relevant. Modifications of the traditional scale and its musical structures were applied without dumming down the power of the original in order to achieve a more contemporary expression of rich traditional elements. The repertoire thus created, not only aims to appeal to domestic audiences, but also to reachaudiences across the world with music that is most strikingly Korean in origin but effortlessly global in its appeal and reach.

oldpartnerNew Delhi 11 October 2013
11.00 am & 7 pm, Siri Fort Auditorium
Mumbai 13 October 2013
7.00 pm Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, National Centre Performing Arts (NCPA)
Chennai 15 October 2013
7.00 pm Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall