InKo Centre is delighted to present Puppet Fantasy, Hooray! at The Little Festival in Chennai and at The Aha! Festival in Bangalore, two well-known Children's Festivals in South India, in July 2015. The production presented by versatile puppeteers from the Manetsangsahwa theatre company from Korea combines movement, music, mime and the magic of storytelling.

Puppet Fantasy, Hooray! aims to recreate the emotion and beauty of Korean culture through the art of puppetry. The production is an omnibus configuration. Each work is composed of a certain kind and shape of puppet and a variety of techniques are used to traverse a range of emotions and stories. Each scenario presented is rich with imagination and fantasy. Our dreams and the concept of love, cranes which symbolize good luck and flowers and butterflies that symbolize happiness, agrandfather's hilarious attempt at hip-hop, a little puppet's arirang, all of these varied but loosely interconnected scenarios, aim to capture the breath of life and the promise of hope which Korea as a nation hopes to share with the world at large. Traditional music called Sinawi, folk dance forms such as Salpuri to remove sal or misfortune, the lilting, melodious arirang interlace the storytelling and complement the skill of the puppeteer. The production aims to engage and connect with the audience through movement, music, mime and the magic of storytelling.

About Manetsangsahwa Manetsangsahwa was founded in 1997. Manet refers to mime and sangsahwa refers to puppet shows, using traditional techniques to create a story to portray a range of emotions. The performances using puppets made of natural, organic materials, fuses puppetry, traditional dance a, music and mime.

Manetsangsahwa engages in thorough research both in terms of traditional techniques of storytelling, puppetry traditions since 2003 and is currently developing educational training programmes.

Kyu-mi Ko & Bong-seok Kim

The Little Festival
10, 11 July 2015
The Museum Theatre in Chennai
(School shows on 10 and 11 July at 11am General show on 11 July at 6pm)

The AHA! Festival
14 July 2015
Ranga Shankara, Bangalore
(School show at 11 am and General show at 7.30pm)

little festivalThe Little Festival believes that theatre is a wonderful tool to help youngsters develop self-confidence, self-esteem and global understanding of one another. It is also a great way to promote peace and understanding and empathy in an otherwise intolerant world. "the little festival" is an international theatre festival for young audiences organised by The Little Theatre, every year in Chennai, South India. The Little Theatre has presented an annuall Christmas Pantomime every year, in Chennai, for the last 19 years. The fifth edition of The Little Festival this year, will feature three productions, two from India and one from Korea.. To book tickets, log on to or call 044-28211115 or +91-9677125738 For further information, log on to or e mail:

Ranga Shankara has been at the forefront of nurturing a meaningful theatre culture in India. Approximately, 3000 plays have been staged in the span of 10 years. The AHA! Theatre for Children Program, which commenced in 2006, now boasts of 8 plays in its repertoire, five successful International Theatre Festivals for Children and 5 seasons of Summer Workshops which have reached out to over 150,000 children. AHA! 2014 is a riveting ensemble of puppetry,object theatre, clown acts and musicals. Apart from watching plays, kids are exposed to an interactive ambience with participatory activities. Acclaimed theatre companies from Korea, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, Poland have performed in past editions of the AHA! Festival. The sixth edition of the AHA! Festival is scheduled from July 12 to July 20, 2014. To book tickets, log on to