The Emerging Frame is a series of 4 exhibitions spread over 4 quarters and aims to commemorate 2013/14 as the 40th year of Indo-Korean relations. The series will be presented by InKo Centre in association with Studio Palazzo in Chennai and will focus on emerging talent from India and Korea in one or more of the following creative fields:

18- 24 November 2013, at Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai
The second exhibition in the Emerging Frame series focusses on showcasing the work of 4 young, talented painters from India and Korea. These artists draw inspiration variously, from Nature and from the contemporary world that they live in Nature; the impact of consumerism and globalisation, the definition of human beings as social constructs and the dislocation, re-location or reclaiming process through art, emerge from the frames of these young, talented artists.

Nilesh Chotalia
Nilesh_ChotaliaNilesh Chotalia is a self-taught artist. He has had several solo shows and has participated in number of group shows. His work has been presented in several galleries in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chennai. Nilesh’s works in tempera on paper, passes through the subconscious world, pushing the viewer in to a different world, where one can feel relativity of non-living things very instinctively. Nilesh is fascination with the technique of Indian miniature painting is reflected in the unique style and stark geometry with which objects are treated and positioned on his canvas.

Sabrina Srinivas
Nilesh_Chotalia A student of KFI Chennai, Sabrina, graduated in 2008. Before enrolling for higher studies, she spent a year travelling around India and working in Auroville and Tiruvanamalai. In 2009 she joined the Art programme at Kalakshetra and graduated in April 2013 with a Diploma in Visual Arts. Her work was exhibited at the South Indian Artists show at the Lalit Kala Akademi. Sabrina currently works as a freelance artist, graphics designer and is anapprentice in ceramics with Ange Peter in Auroville.

Lee, Hee Jung
Nilesh_Chotalia One summer day, when I came across a lotus flower through a car window, I stopped the car and ran into the lotus flower garden. While observing lotus flowers, I felt how beautiful purified and clean lotus flowers blooming from the muddy swamp are At the moment, I wanted to draw a picture of the beautiful lotus flowers. However, I wasn`t prepared to draw them so I just took a picture of the flowers using my cell phone, which reminded me of my mother who passed away couple years ago. Next morning, working up with pleasant mood, I draw the lotus flowers in the picture on an empty canvas. It makes my mind purified to see the brightness of the lotus flowers and draw them. In addition to the lotus flowers, I put my memories with my mother, stories that can't be expressed, and longing for my mother in the picture. Overall atmosphere of the drawings is about Korean traditional image and beauty of Korea. I newly challenge to make my own style of drawings with geometric configuration and abstract concept out of love with my country Korea.

Jung Il-Jin
Nilesh_Chotalia It is said, "While water flows down, fire blazes up into the sky. Rain is a gift from heaven and fire is an inter-mediator and god who delivers human desires to the sky." These words are from people who hold fire sacred. Everyone may have felt a strange feeling at least once in front of the fire with this great and intense energy. My work also started like this. Everyone tends to pose as the thinker next to the fire (candlelight, wood fire, furnace fire and whatever). A person props up his/her chin in his hands. He or she is completely drained of all strength and become unconscious. Its warmth, energy and changeability that I feel like being sucked into fire make me lost in wild fancies. Like this, the pure fire shakes human feelings.I want to express the pure fire which can shake the feelings of people who look at it as well as me.

oldpartner Studio Palazzo, an art gallery established in December 2001, aims to support young and emerging artists, from India and the world. Located in Harrington Road, Chennai, the gallery provides space for exhibitions as well as for interactive sessions with visiting artists. Young artists from US, France, Netherlands & Iran have been presented successfully by Studio Palazzo in Chennai. Studio Palazzo held a group show in Male in the Maldives, on the invitation of the National Gallery of Maldives. The exhibition was subsequently taken to the Habitat Centre, Delhi. Artists from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, W.Bengal and other states participated in the group show.