The Emerging Frame band

The Emerging Frame is a series of 4 exhibitions spread over 4 quarters and aims to commemorate 2013/14 as the 40th year of Indo-Korean relations. This visual art series will be presented by InKo Centre in association with Studio Palazzo in Chennai and will focus on emerging talent from India and Korea.

The Emerging Frame 3: Fluid Frames

16-26 January 2014, at Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai
The third exhibition in the Emerging Frame series, titled Fluid Frames, showcases the work of 2 young, talented painters from India and Korea. whose works depict remarkable flexibility and movement within a definable conceptual framework. Both artists search for patterns that emerge organically, fluidly, stemming either from the choice of subject matter and/or from the choice of medium.

Emily Young (Seoul, Korea)

Mitali ShahMy latest project, "Trans Liquid," starts with the drizzling of oil-based liquid on water. Because of the unmixable nature, the oil creates a pattern on the water surface rather than being dissolved into it. I take a photo of each image to recompose the images on a digital canvas and then print them out. As a final process, I paint on the surface of the printed images to complete the piece. Whether intended or not, the gathered images resemble a bouquet of flowers. I then added the image of a vase, a fish swimming in the water or a butterfly, depicting a vase full of unique flower patterns with witty details.

TLP6In the "Trans Liquid Project," I seek to capture the moment of "chance" and let go of my control of the piece to reap greater beauty, arising from coincidences. In a world full of control freaks, I wanted to explore the world of uncertainty. While the results of most artworks are quite predictable, with artists’ fingertips making out exactly what they want, I wanted to go loose, let the oil paint find its way on water. All I could do is to observe, wait and capture the moment of that change. Instead of trying to ‘control’ the working process, I chose to ‘surrender’ to the surrounding environment and conditions, which reflects my idea of an ideal lifestyle, trying to find a sense of balance between the two extremes.

Mitali Shah (Baroda, India)

Mitali ShahMy works are about approaching the question of urban growth from an oblique angle, with cellular forms that twist around each other, overlapping to create patterns that direct the viewer’s gaze into otherworldly landscapes. Chaotic as they may seem, there is a sense of pattern and movement within urban clusters. The vastness of architecture and extreme speed of urban cites fascinate me. What I create of the architectural landscape portrays an urban environment reminiscent of roller coasters, capturing the sense of urban planning that seems clustered and shifting.

sproutsof urban planning that seems clustered and shifting. These narratives aim to exemplify the jumbled chaos of the contemporary urban world. The layered composition reflects the confusion, constraint, saturation and haphazardness that characterizes contemporary life. My works are based on the multiplicity and constant transformation of urban cities as organic forms. Centered on the concept of human habitation in urban clusters, the scenarios depicted, reflect the state of mind of the inhabitants mirrored by the state of existence of the city.

Studio Palazzo

Studio PalazzoStudio Palazzo, an art gallery established in December 2001, aims to support young and emerging artists, from India and the world. Located in Harrington Road, Chennai, the gallery provides space for exhibitions as well as for interactive sessions with visiting artists. Young artists from US, France, Netherlands & Iran have been presented successfully by Studio Palazzo in Chennai. Studio Palazzo held a group show in Male in the Maldives, on the invitation of the National Gallery of Maldives. The exhibition was subsequently taken to the Habitat Centre, Delhi. Artists from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, W.Bengal and other states participated in the group show.

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