InKo Centre, in association with The Korea Foundation and AsiaNow Productions, is delighted to premiere Woyzeck, an award-winning and widely-travelled production by Sadari Movement Laboratory, one of Korea’s most innovative, contemporary theatre companies, at The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Festival. Woyzeck will be presented in Chennai on 16 August 2012 and in Bangalore on 23 August 2012.

The Sadari Movement Laboratory (SML) rediscovers and revivifies Georg Buchner’s proto-expressionist play about a soldier driven mad by the social order that dominates him. George Buchner’s Woyzeck, based on the true story of a poor German soldier driven to madness by inhuman military discipline and murders his mistress, remains one of the most enigmatic, shocking and influential works of modern theatre. In this gripping, stripped - down version from Korea, objects, bodies, movement and space combine to create a dynamic physical and visual language, revealing the characters’ emotional states with shattering clarity and force. Using chairs as a changeable metaphor, the performers both shape the dramatic space and reveal the characters’ emotional states, while Astor Piazzola’s dynamic tango becomes an integral part of the dramatic flow.

Büchner based his play on the 1821 trial and execution of an ex-soldier who murdered his unfaithful mistress. In this interpretation of Georg Büchner’s pioneering tragedy, left unfinished at the author’s death in 1837, 11 chairs are imaginatively integrated into the action. They become windows the cast peer through, a tower Woyzeck climbs, a cage to trap him and much else. The play’s is structured with several short scenes, separated with brief blackouts in which the chairs are silently and extraordinarily repositioned. Holding it all together is the movement of the practised cast- evocatively expressive, constantly drawing the eye with its fluency and variety.

Sadari Movement Laboratory is one of Korea’s best-known young theatre companies. Woyzeck was a sell-out hit at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it won a Herald Angel and Total Theatre Award. The production has since been invited to tour all over the world. The Sadari Movement Laboratory creates a new dynamic interpretation of the play that illuminates the hidden potential of the original- a dynamic constellation of object, body, movement and space- to advance a new language in physical theatre.The result is theatre that is both surprising and deeply moving.

Date of the performance: 16 August at The Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall in Chennai & 23 August at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Bangalore

Creative Team  
Assistant Dramaturg
Lighting Director
Sound Director
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Stage Director
Lighting Operator
Executive Producer
Producer & Tour Manager
George Büchner
Do-Wan Im
Astor Piazzolla
Kyu Choi
Earl Jackson
Tae-Hwan Gu
Yo-Chan Kim
Jae-Yun Cho
Joo-Hee Lee
Song-Wha Chae
Mee-Ryeong Kim
Dong-Hun Kim
Kyu Choi
HeeJin Lee
Eun-Sun Choi

Seung-Gyun Hong
Jae-Sun Shim
Byeong-Hun Jeong
Sung-Won Jang
Jae-Hong Cheon
Chorus Jin-Hee Yun,
Da-Hee Kim,
Jung-Hyun Lee,
Nara Shin,
Joon Choi

- Supported by Korea Foundation
- Presented in association with AsiaNow Productions

About Sadari Movement Laboratory:

Sadari Movement Laboratory (SML) developed out of the Sadari Theater Company, founded in 1988 by Im Do-Wan and You Hong-Young. After completing his studies at the L’EcoleInternationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, Im Do-Wan returned to Korea where he began experimenting with non-verbal kinetic theatre. In 1999 he established the Sadari Movement Laboratory. All members are trained in the Jacques Lecoq method as well as traditional Korean dance to maximize SML’s repertory. Stepping beyond dialogue and realist conventions, the company believes actors can express the social and psychological state of their characters more poignantly by utilizing separate spaces and dynamic rhythms that stress physical capabilities and characteristics. Through rigorous training and focused experimentation, Sadari Movement Laboratory is committed to finding a new theatre style and language for both Korean and international audience

About the Director:

Artistic director, Im Do-Wan began experimenting with kinetic theatre in Korea after completing his studies at the L’EcoleInternationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He founded the Sadari Movement Laboratory in 1998 to unite the collaborative energies of a troupe committed to creative processes.

The Korea Foundation

The Korea Foundation, established in 1991 as an affiliate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, aims to promote awareness and understanding of Korea throughout the world. It aims to enhance international goodwill and friendship through the implementation ofvarious international exchange programmes. The major Foundation activities include support for Korean Studies programmes overseas; fellowships and grants to encourage and assist foreign students and scholars interested in Korea; intellectual exchanges and forums to promote bilateral ties with other nations as well as people-topeople interactions to boost mutual understanding between Korea and other countries;cultural exchanges to introduce the unique characteristics of Korean culture to the world.

AsiaNow Productions

AsiaNow is a production company founded in 2005 to creatively develop, produce and present innovative and exciting Asian contemporary physical theatre, dance and interdisciplinary arts. The company is also strongly involved in creative development, consultation and performing arts management.

The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Fest

Starting in Chennai in 2005, The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest has become a major South Indian theatre festival. This year, the Festival will feature 21 performances in five cities - in Chennai, Banga¬lore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Kochi. We have plays from Korea, the United Kingdom and various parts of India lined up this year. Also, there will be workshops and symposiums on theatre, all of which are aimed at enriching the experience of this multi-city theatre festival, which is growing from strength to strength.

Tour history:  
2012 Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania

2011Festival RíasBaixas, Galicia, Spain
Verenos de la Villa Festival, Madrid, Spain
Museum of Arts, Kochi, Japan
Fadjr International Festival, Tehran, Iran

2010Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada
TeatroNacional La Castellana, Colombia
International Theater Festival of Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Teatromania Festival, Poland

2009Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre, Georgia
Adelaide OzAsia Festival, Australia
Macao Centural Center, China
Esplanade Theater, Singapore
NewYorkUnder the Rader Festival, USA

2008Territory Festival, Moscow, Russia
"Meet in Beijing" Chaoyang Cultural Center,
TNT Theatre, Beijing, China
International Theatre Festival, National
Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan
London International Mime Festival, Queen
Elizabeth Hall,South Bank, London, UK

2007Dialog Festival, Wroclaw, Poland

2007Aurora Nova, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, UK

2005Tottori Performing Arts Festival, Japan

2005The Mummenschanz Theatre and the Rigiblick Theatre, Switzerland

16 August 2012, WOYZECK at The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Festival at the Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai
23 August 2012, WOYZECK at The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Festival at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore

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