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Dance Theatre CcadoO's dramatic and visually powerful production The Murder in the Elevator examines the interstices between the self and society, the challenge of communication in the modern world and the threat of isolation that reigns in our lives. InKo Centre is delighted to present the Indian premiere of CcadoO's The Murder in the Elevator at the Attakkalari Biennial in Bangalore on 7 and 8 February, 2009. Hobin Park, Artistic Director of Dance Theatre CcadoO outlines the multi-disciplinary approach of this most exciting contemporary dance company in dance.


Artistic Director: Hobin Park


Hobin Park is CcadoO’s artistic director and choreographer. He uses the collage technique or the body as an object, as in total theatre. Regarded as one of the most promising of contemporary artistic directors on the international circuit and acclaimed as Dancer of Our Time at the Dance Biennale Tokyo 2004, Hobin Park is actively involved in other productions such as opera Don Carlo, Faust, Musical Yi, Gaetongyi, play The Fire, Blazing Sunshine, Ladies Macbeth. In 2002, he was invited to 'BBB series' of SIDance and in 2004, he co-choreographed 12 SMS Across the Mountain, co-produced by SIDance and the Singapore Arts Festival.

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