Film Screening

My Sassy Girl

Directed by Kwak Jae-yong , 2001
28 September 2007

With its easy yet unpredictable blend of laugh-out-loud comedy , metaphysical romance , and fun characters , sassy girl can easily be included among the best the korean cinema has to offer.

This film is based on an online serial written by Kim Ho-sik that detailed his relationship with off-the-wall college girlfriend. This was eventually compiled into a best selling bok which caught the attention of director Kwak Jae-yong, who wrote the script of the film. The film kicks off with a college student Kyon-woo meeting a drunken girl late at night , in a subway. Just before she passes out , the girl looks at kyon-woo and calls him 'honey'. The other passengers assuming him to be be the hapless girl's boyfriend , demand that kyon-woo look after her. After carrying her on his back for what seems to be miles , he drops the girl off at a motel. But instead of leaving her and getting on his way , Kyon-woo finds himself intrigued by the nameless girl and vows to do whatever he can to heal her sorrow. Thus begins Kyun-woo's see-saw realtionship with this totally unpredicatble young woman who completely steals his heart.
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