To be called 'contemporary' and 'traditional' in the same breath seems a contradiction of sorts. But when the crossover happens effortlessly, the effect is magical! Founded in 2001, The Lim or The Forest became the first Korean band to skilfully merge the harmonies of traditional Korean music with the more eclectic sounds of contemporary rhythms. Calling themselves a ‘traditional crossover band’, The Forest presents music that is refreshingly original. The natural howl of the traditional wooden instruments mask the more metallic sounds of modern electronic instruments, which in turn, lend power to the traditional lyrical instruments. The result is at once fresh and the experience, exhilarating. The Forest uses Latin American percussion styles to layer their own music and the result is a presentation that is light and fresh with the traditional rhythm retained deep within. Rich and full of variety, The Forest presents music that is at once pensive and reflective, sonorous and harmonic, light and tripping and dynamic and powerfully layered. There are pieces like ‘Way Home’ and ‘Rain Runs’ that make one feel as if one was deep inside a forest while ‘Pan Project 2’ and ‘Prism’ has the feel of listening to a full orchestra. The Forest released their first album ‘Morning Scenery’ in May 2002 and they immediately found a following.

    To create its unique sound, The Forest combines six traditional instrumentalists with three contemporary musicians. Rich and varied, their music is produced using a combination of the acoustic guitar; the bass guitar, the piano, the synthesizer, the accordion; the fife; traditional Korean wind instruments such as the Sogeum, Danso, Daegeum, Taepyungso; the two-string fiddle or the Haegeum; the Korean lute or the Geomungo and the 12-string zither or Gayageum. In June 2005. The Forest was invited to perform at the opening ceremony of the Singapore Arts Market. Later that year, in October, The Forest performed at ‘The Concert for Peace’ at the renowned Lincoln Center in New York. More recently, in May 2007, the group was invited to perform at the Kiev Festival and in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Fresh after a tour to Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey, The Forest will fly to Chennai for their first-ever performance in India.

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