Film Screening


Directed by Kwak Kyung-taek
28 March 2008

Typhoon tells the tale of a refugee boy named Choe myong sin. In 1985 his family breaks into the austrian embassy in beijing seeking a passage to South Korea. Fearing a diplomatic tussle with china , a south korean diplomat secretly hands them over to North korea. While attempting to run away the boy's parents are gunned down by north korean guards. But the boy and his sister escape. Twenty years later, while his sister has fallen into prostitution in russian far east, the boy reappears as South-asia's most cold-blooded pirate, named sin.

It soon becomes clear that this wild-eyed fanatic has emotional issues with both North and South Korea, and he plans to resolve them with a catastrophic terrorist attack on the entire peninsula. Meanwhile, South Korea catches wind of the entire plot and sends a star navy lieutenant to intercept sin.
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