Film Screening

The Beast and The Beauty

Directed by Lee Gye Byeok
25 January 2008

In the inverse titled The Beast and The Beauty, Shin min A play Hae Ju, an attractive young woman who remains upbeat about life despite having lost her eyesight several years ago. For three years she has been in a relationship with her faithful boyfriend, Dong gun. However Dong gun panics when he learns that Hae Ju is about to regain her eyesight thanks to a miraculous operation. Dong gun has been lying all this while about his appearance and in truth, he is not the attractive man he claimed to be. Ashamed of both his ruse and his appearance, the frightened Dong gun takes desperate measures to remedy the situation. Instead of explaining himself to Hae Ju,he decides to hide away,leaving a message claiming that he was going to hawaii. Meanwhile Hae Ju bumps into Joon-ha and mistakes him for Dong-gun.
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