Film Screening


Directed by Yoong Jon-bin, 2005
24 August 2007

The Unforgiven directed by Yoong Jong-bin casts an unswevering eye on what really goes in the military and its effect on those who are conscripted. The reduction of all human relationships into a rigid hierarchy during the two year compulsory military service is presented through a clever flashback structure and an intimate character study of the two principle characters, seargent Tae-jeong and young rookie Seung-young. To their delight, the two recognize each other as junior high classmates and Tae-jeong promptly takes Seung-young under his wing hoping to teach him the ' ways of military '. Seung-young however is unable to conform to the strict hierarchy of the military and is soon pegged as a troublemaker. His inability to articulate his inner turmoil explores the long shadow that mandatory military service casts on korean men.
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