National Theatre of Korea



The National Theater of Korea was founded to preserve the traditional performing arts of Korea that have been handed down over thousands of years and to make the uniqueness of Korean art better known to the world. The National Theater supports major national cultural events and operates various programmes including festivals for the public, regional tours, and arts education programmes. In 2007, with the hosting of the Performing Arts Festival for Youth (May-June) and the International Festival of National Theaters (September-October), the National Theater has positioned itself as a key forum for international cultural exchange.


The National Theater of Korea is the first federally managed theater in Asia. It was established in 1950 by the government of South Korea and hosts four resident companies: The National Drama Company of Korea, which performs both Korean and international plays, The National Changgeuk Company of Korea, which performs traditional Korean changgeuk, a traditional Korean opera, performed as a play but in the Korean folk song style known as pansori; The National Dance Company of Korea, and The National Orchestra Company of Korea. These four companies together present programmes for all generations, from children to adults. Attracting only the best artists, the performance companies are dedicated to presenting the most exquisite examples of traditional Korean arts.

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