Film Screening

Milky Way Liberation Front

Directed by Yoon, Seong-ho
29 May 2009

Yoon, Seong-ho’s Milky Way Liberation Front opened in 2007 in South Korea, after receiving a thumbs up at the 2007 Pusan International Film Festival. The movie focusses on a filmmaker who suffering from a writer’s block, has a vague idea for a story revolving around a man afflicted with aphasia. In an ironic twist of fate, the filmmaker in the movie travels to the Pusan International Film Festival, where the actual movie had its world premiere. The movie was shot entirely in HD and features many unconventional moments. This witty flick is all about life imitating art imitating life imitating art! The film sounds very much like a parody on director Yoon's efforts in making a movie. The story centres on Ryu Young-jae (portraying director Yoon), who is about to screen his short film at the Pusan International Film Festival. He has not penned the script as yet but knows that he wants it to involve Siamese twins and a protagonist who loses his ability to talk. To add to the problem, everyone from the cinematographer to the sound engineer has an opinion about how the story should unfold. In addition, Young-jae's girlfriend dumps him saying that he does not know how to communicate. And just like the protagonist in his upcoming movie, Yoon also loses the ability to speak! Things just do not go well for the director and his problems continue to increase. Fortunately, his ventriloquist actor helps him in a crisis, but even so the situation turns for the worse and gets out of control. Director Yoon Seong-ho’s unique talent for light-hearted humour underscores this film. Director Yoon Seong-ho represents a new trend in Korean cinema, framing ideas of the digital generation through many digital shots. In Milky Way Liberation Front, he uses modern technology to brilliant effect to produce a reflexive piece of cinema.
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