Film Screening

The Wildflower in the Battlefield

Directed by Lee, Man-hee
24 July 2009

More than a decade after making The Marines Who Never Returned, Lee Man-hee returned to the Korean War for inspiration. Set in the early days of the conflict, Wildflower in the Battlefield follows the brutal fighting through the eyes of a young boy adopted as a “mascot” by a group of soldiers near the front lines. A companion film to The Marines Who Never Returned, Wildflower revisits a favorite subject of the prolific and popular director Lee: the destructive war he actually witnessed. The tragedy of the Korean War unfolds through a mute 10-year old Dol-yi’s silent recollection. One day, shocking news spreads that the North has attacked and before anyone realizes it, the boy’s formerly close family is dispersed and fighting for their lives. What did Dol-yi really think about but was unable to voice during the tremendous upheaval and suffering that came with the war and the resultant tragedy of a divided country? Through the actions and experiences of a diverse group of characters, Lee depicts various examples of bravery and cowardice in the face of war.
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