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A Petal

Directed by Jang Sun-woo, 1996
27 July 2007

The most traumatic event in korean hisory after the end of the korean war was perhaps the Kwanju massacre in May 1980, when large crowds of students and citizens demonstrating for democracy were targeted by special forces sent in by the government. The resultant carnage sent shockwaves through korea. Director Jang Sun-woo, who was arrested for distributing leaflets exposing the massacre, made A PETAL a full fifteen years after the bloodshed of Kwanju. Jang Sun-woo powerfully personalizes this difficult chapter in korea's polictical history, creating the necessary carthasis for his countrymen even while composing an achingly beautiful lament for a lost child. A Petal is a fierce and uncompromising look at the Kwanju uprising and its political and personal aftermath.
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