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Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

Directed by Yang, Hae-hoon, 2007
23 July 2010

The Korean independent film scene continues to thrive with Who's That Knocking At My Door? which marks the debut of writer-director Yang Hae Hun, whose short My Dear Rosetta was critically acclaimed at Cannes. Taking its title from the debut effort of legendary American director Martin Scorcese, the film appears to have been inspired by his classic Taxi Driver in particular, dealing with themes of loneliness, anger, and ultimately, revenge. Critically acclaimed at the 2007 Pusan Film Festival, the film has won Yang some impressive reviews, marking him out as one of the most interesting and promising young directors working in Korea today.

Loner Je Hwi, begins to open up after starting an awkward romance with a girl whom he meets rather serendipitously. There are more chance encounters to come as he soon runs into former classmates Pyo and Rom. Je Hwi holds a deep grudge against Pyo and Rom who bullied him in high school. Feigning friendship, he begins to plot his revenge with the help of a man whom he meets on the Internet. Events soon escalate violently out of control.

Who's That Knocking At My Door? is a film which is probably best described as the character study of a damaged young man. It explores the angst and isolation of young people in modern Korea and effectively portrays a sense of frustration and disaffection. The tangential narrative unfolds in a pleasingly offbeat manner with Yang jumping between characters, hinting at, rather than explicitly defining events, often forcing the viewers to fill in the details themselves.

Yang directs with a naturalistic style, using no artificial lighting or visual effects. Shot on digital video, the film shifts between shaky handheld camera work and static scenes, often at odd angles. Yang throws in a number of original touches to give the film a unique textured feel.

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