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Directed by Lee Myung-Se (2007)

Midway through M, the novelist Min-woo types a repeated phrase on his computer. Min-woo, a well-known author, is trying to finish his new and much-anticipated novel. He suffers from frequent nightmares and hallucinations. This inexplicable condition affects both his personal and professional life. Soon he cannot differentiate reality from fantasy and he often feels that he is being chased. His own paranoia leads him to a cafe in a dark, unassuming alley and there he encounters a charming young woman named Mimi. Min-woo wonders how he and Mimi are connected and he begins to trace long-forgotten memories of his first love.


Born in 1957, Director Lee Myung-Se graduated from the Seoul Institute of Arts.  He is acclaimed as a stylist who has created a unique cinematic expression. Lee claims that the film's genesis came when Alfred Hitchcock visited him in a dream, presenting him with a book marked "M" on the cover. M is a film filled with gorgeous imagery, flights of fancy, and bursts of colour. However it makes very little effort to tie these images down into the world of people and things. The imagery beckons with sensual force even while the film throws up so many riddles as it merges fantasy and reality.


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