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If You Were Me 2

Directed by Park Kyung-hee, Ryoo Seung-wan,
Jung Ji-woo Jang Jin and Kim Dong-won, 2005
26 March 2010

South Korea's National Commission on Human Rights commissioned If You Were Me 2, the second in its omnibus series. The directors contributing short films on a human rights issue of their choice were Park Kyung-hee ,Ryoo Seung-wan, Jung Ji-woo Jang Jin and Kim Dong-won. Park Kyung-hee’s short Seaside Flower follows days in the life of Eun-hye, an elementary school girl with Down's syndrome.

Through the swatches of her life we see her isolation from her peers and her single mother's struggle to make up for the evil that kids do. Eun-hye is played by Jeong Eun-hye who is afflicted with Down's syndrome and some of her own experiences were brought into this short film Ryoo Seung-wan’s short Hey Man! is almost one complete take of a man with multiple prejudices that lead him to cast off every one of his friends and fellow patrons who are sharing the communal space of a late night restaurant.

The hilarious character played by Kim Su-Hyun, learns the valuable lesson that one has to be careful whom one hates, because could leave one isolated. Jung Ji-woo's, A Boy With The Knapsack, is a sparingly dialogued, black and white study of the lives of North Korean refugees in South Korea. The pacing is taut, the images of the friends in arms racing through the city are memorable and there is a neat inclusion of one of the symbols of capitalism that brings a bit of laughter to what is otherwise a short film full of sorrow, even more sorrowful considering it is partly based on a true story.

The last short film is Kim Dong-won’s documentary about Korean Chinese immigrants, titled Jogno Winter. Immigration laws in South Korea give advantages to diasporic Koreans from North America and Europe but not to those from China, Russia or the former Soviet republics.

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