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For Eternal Hearts

Directed by Heang, Qu-dok, 2007
27 August 2010

The opening film of the 2007 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, For Eternal Hearts is a surreal, supernatural romantic drama that transcends time, death,and all expectations. Written and directed by Heang, Qu-dok, the film deftly blends dream and reality, blurring the boundaries between life and death to tell a haunting, unsettling love story. For Eternal Hearts brims with hushed youthful passion and metaphysical musing, making it one of the most original and captivating Korean films of 2007.

A professor of German literature, Su Young is quiet, modest and unassuming, but behind his averted eyes liesan unforgettable story. At his studentsí urging, he recalls his first love during the chaotic 1980s. As a college student, Su Young had fallen in love with a spunky wild child Pippi only to see her commit suicide in front of his eyes. Strangely enough, she mysteriously reappears. Adding to his confusion, Su Young finds himself increasingly drawn to and frightened by Su Ji, a quirky high school girl that he tutors. Soon his life becomes increasingly surreal and bizarre.

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