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Running Turtle

Directed by Lee Yeon-woo
24 August 2012

This film, which was an extremely popular film in Korea, is about a countryside detective trying to capture a legendary prison breaker. Jo Pil-seong is an idle detective who spends his time scratching off lottery tickets in his office, while his wife and children work in a shop. Pil-seong secretly steals 300,000 won from his wife and tells his friend to bet it on a bull named Gomi in a bullfight. Gomi is declared as a winner and Pil-seong’s friends celebrate their victory later that night as they wait for him to arrive. Meanwhile, an escaped prisoner named Song Gi-tae intervenes and steals Pil-seong’s prize money. When Pil-seong finds out what has happened he confronts the criminal, but suffers a humiliating defeat Pil-seong reports to his colleagues and his boss that he encountered the infamous Gi-tae, but no one believes him. In an attempt to recapture Gi-tae, Pil-seong decides to recruit his friends to assist him with the capture. He is however much too slow to catch the killer. Fired from his job due to this error Pil-seong now he makes it his personal mission to nab Ki-tae at all costs.

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