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Directed by Jeong Gi-hoon
17 December 2010

Park Ae-ja was known as the “Tolstoy of Busan” when she was in high school. Dreaming of a career as a professional novelist, she moves to Seoul after graduation. Years later, Ae-ja is a 29-year-old woman with huge debts and a boyfriend who is cheating on her. But she remains confident and proud of herself. That is, except in front of her mother, Young-hee who disapproves of her daughter’s wild and free-spirited life. On her brother’s wedding day, Aeja plans revenge on her mother by staging a surprise event that nearly ruins the happy ceremony. Ae-ja is pleased with the results, but later that day she gets a phone call from the hospital saying that her mother has collapsed and her world starts falling apart at the seams…

Ae-ja by newcomer director Jeong Gi-hoon, is a mellow autumn melodrama, a coming-of-age story about a troublemaker learning life lessons when her mother falls a victim to cancer. However, the character-propelled film downplays predictability as a pair of talented leading ladies lift the film with powerful performances.

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