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Directed by Lee Chang-dong
22 February 2013

Award-winning director Kim Ki-duk has built up an international reputation with his films that starkly differ from other mainstream movies in Korea and elsewhere. He stands out largely because of his provocative style and thought-provoking themes. Dream is Kim Ki-dukís 15th feature and is an intriguing mix of reality and fantasy

In the film, Jin, an artist, sees himself causing a car crash in his dream. What he discovers, however, is that his dream is not a mere creation of his brain because all the details he witnessed while sleeping turns out to be true in the reality. Jin encounters a woman named Ran, a character who has plenty of grievances about her own life, especially concerning the shattered relationships with her former boyfriend. Strange as it may be, what Jin believes he has done in his dream is what Ran has done in reality. Although the car accident happens in Jinís dream, the same incident plays out in Ranís life, with police suspecting her as the prime suspect in the case.

The key proposition of the movie is that the two main characters are connected through dreams in a way that blurs the boundary between reality and fantasy. A butterfly emerges as the core image symbolizing the significance of dreams.

The movieís dramatic intensity accelerate at a precarious pace when the former lovers of the two central characters, come together in a crucial scene where four people shout at each other, trying to reverse what has already happened. At this point, it is no longer possible to identify where reality starts and where fantasy ends.

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