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Directed by Jang Cheol-So
29 June 2012

Bedevilled is a tale of two very different women, both from the same idyllic island. Seoul banker Hae-won escaped her beautiful but isolated birthplace and moves to the big city, leaving her childhood friend Bok-nam behind. Forced to take a vacation, Hae-won finally heads back and realises that she has left Bok-nam to a tortuous life of servitude – a plaything for the men and a workhorse for the women. Bok-nam, now desperate to escape pleads with her friend whom she idolizes to help her. Hae-won is however, hard and indifferent, and ignores her friend’s plight, neither wanting to get involved in the complicated situation or help her out of it. But when Bok-nam loses the only important thing in her life, she snaps, leading her down the path of revenge and retribution against everyone who ever did her wrong – including her friend, Hae-won.

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