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Beyond the Years

Directed by Im Kwon-taek
22 March 2013

Beyond the Years, celebrated director Im Kwon-taekís 100th film, it is based on the novel The Wanderer of Seonhakdong, and was presented at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival. The film is an informal sequel to Imís phenomenally successful Sopyonje (1993).

Dong-ho and Song-hwa are separately adopted by Yu-bong, a nomadic singer, and grow up as siblings. Dong-ho falls in love with Song-hwa, but he suffers from the fact that he has to call her sister and constantly fight with Yu-bongís obsession to make her a great singer. Eventually, Dong-ho leaves home. However, with his unchanging affection for Song-hwa, he keeps following traces of his love while refining his drumming skills in order to match well with her singing. This is the heart-rendering love story of Song-hwa, who devotes her life and love to her talent for pansori (a traditional Korean form of narrative song), and Dong-ho, who has devoted his life to loving her.

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