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Closer to Heaven

Directed by Park Jin-Pyo
23 March 2012

Closer to Heaven or the literal translation My love is by my side, is a poignant love story. Jong-Woo and Ji-Soo, re-unite unexpectedly at Jong-Woo’s mother’s funeral service. Although Jong-Woo suffers from the incurable Lou Gehrig’s disease, he is still a bright and cheerful person. Ji-Soo works as a co-ordinator in a funeral home. She deals with death everyday and does not think twice about Jong-woo’s disease. The couple fall in love and decide to get married. As Jong-Woo’s illness progresses, he gets increasingly irritable, often hurting Ji-Soo who only wants to help.

The film, which was hugely popular in Korea and abroad, garnered many awards, including Best Actor; Best Actress and Netizen’s Choice Awards.

Poignant and lyrical, this is a film that will tug at heartstrings with its intensity.

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