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Directed by Yang Ik-joon
26 November 2010

Breathless focuses on Sang-hoon who works as a strongarm man for a debt collection agency run by his only friend Man-sik, and is in it less for the cash-in-hand rewards than for the violence itself. He even takes his work home with him, treating his young nephew Hyungin with gruff aggression and regularly beating up his own father, unable to forgive him for the deaths, years ago, of his mother and sister. When Sang-hoon runs into school student Yeon hee in the street, his reaction is predictable. First he spits and swears at the girl and when she stands up to him, he unhesitantly punches her. The two soon become friends, snatching moments of serene stillness in each other's company and imagining for the first time the possibility of change.

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