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Directed by Dong-Hun Choi
26 October 2012

Woochi is a 2009 fantasy action blockbuster based on a Korean folktale. The action begins 500 years ago, during the reign of the Joseon Dynasty. The Pipe of the Prophecy has fallen into the evil hands of the goblins, propelling the world into a whirlwind of disorder. The ancient Taoist wizards turn to the greatest ascetics of their time, the Master and Hwadam for help in vanquishing the goblins and trust each wizard with one half of the Pipe. Meanwhile, the Master’s rascal student JeonWoochi tricks the king with the art of transformation and creates a fiasco, which makes the three Taoist wizards and Hwadam visit the Master. But they find the Master murdered and his half of the Pipe missing. Woochi is framed for the murder and as punishment he and his trusty dog Chorangyi are imprisoned inside a scroll by the wizards.

The action cuts to Seoul in 2009. For some strange reason, goblins sealed up in the past, begin to appear one by one, wreaking havoc on the city. The three Taoist wizards have been enjoying their years of retirement as a priest, a monk and a shaman, while Hwadam has long disappeared, in order to polish his Taoist art. After much discussion, the three wizards unseal the scroll and call forth Jeon Woochi and Chorangyi, offering Woochi freedom in return, if he succeeds in catching the goblins. But what begins as a hunt for goblins slowly turns into Woochi’s personal expedition, taking in the sights and sounds of the modern world. And, he meets a woman who looks exactly like the woman who had captivated him so many centuries ago…

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