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Daytime Drinking

Directed by NOH Young-Seok, 2009
23 Sep 2011

Ushering in a new era of independent filmmaking in South Korea, Daytime Drinking is a comedy but with a distinctly Korean twist. When a broken- hearted city dweller goes to meet his friends in the countryside for a getaway, he finds that not only have none of them showed up for the trip, but the tiny seaside town is shuttered- no shops are open, no tourists are around, the beach is freezing, and there is no cell phone signal. Unable (and unwilling) to return to Seoul, in the company of some very unusual locals and subject to the rigid rules of Korean drinking culture (never decline the first drink, always accept a drink from an elder, etc.), he finds himself on an increasingly strange odyssey nursing a never-ending hangover. The trip takes a cruel and unexpected turn as misunderstandings occur over and over again. The film is full of lyrical puns in the form of repeated words and a finely tuned sense of comic timing.

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