This is a series of reflective conversations that dwell on holistic living, wellness, history, philosophy, literature, art and culture. Presented by InKo Centre as quarterly editions, in association with partner organisations, these direct and inspirational conversations will focus on lived experience rather than theoretical abstractions.

We invite you to explore what lies at the heart of matter, what matters most and why.

Special Guests for Edition Four
Almost everyone struggles to cope when Life decides to shock and surprise us in turn. And often it needs extraordinary strength of will to recalibrate one's life, to stay centred, positive and proactive, to move from shock to awe in an unrestrained affirmation and celebration of the indomitable human spirit.

We have two incredibly positive families who epitomize grace under fire the Munjes' and the Rameshs' - as our guests for Edition Four of the Heart of Matter - Happiness Conversations series. The Munjes', parents of artist Rupak and the Rameshs', parents of entrepreneurs Sriram and Sunder Ram, have their stories of grit to share with us how they met life squarely and helped their special children become inspirational pathbreakers.

Rupak, now 19, was born with autism. In 2011, an Art Therapy program at 'WECAN', led Ranjana and Rajendra to discover Rupak's artistic genius and they encouraged him to express himself through his paintings. Today, with several exhibitions including one at the iconic Lalit Kala Akademi to his credit, Rupak's work is being celebrated and showcased across the world.

Sriram and Sunder Ram are twins. They were struck with cerebral palsy in their childhood. The Rameshs' discovered during their twins' stint at Vidya Sagar, that they loved creating plates with bahunia leaves. They helped their children to set up Twin Twigs, an enterprise that makes partyware with natural, eco-friendly, bio-degradable material. At 29, Sriram and Sunder Ram are today successful entrepreneurs, in their own right.

About the Curators - Vaani Anand & AVIS Viswanathan
Vaani and AVIS are Life Coaches and Happiness Curators. AVIS has also written a Book, "Fall Like A Rose Petal", in which he shares the spiritual lessons of happiness and contentment that he and his family have learnt from living through a bankruptcy - braving fear and pennilessness. Vaani and AVIS will be in conversation with our Special Guests, while sharing their learnings from Life on happiness.

Come, join us for Edition Four of Heart of Matter Happiness Conversations at 6 pm on Saturday, 9 July, 2016 at InKo Centre. As our guests share their incredible life stories, we will undoubtedly reflect on our own journeys, reaffirm our own goals and rejuvenate our own sense of purpose.