Bustling with Energy

A compelling mix of dance, voice and percussion interwoven with Korean folklore, mythology and history.

fusing various styles A Midsummer Night's Dream

DATE & TIME August 1,

7. 30 p.m.

VENUE : Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Harrington Road

It’s a midsummer’s night dream. Comfortingly familiar in many ways, with the traditional Shakespearean elements, organised chaos, soaring high jinks and flamboyant comedy.

It’s also completely fresh, startlingly beautiful and suitably exotic. Welcome to ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as dreamt by Yohangza, a South Korea theatre company.

Celebrated for its work, which presents an exciting collision of the past and the present and a reworking of existing Korean styles and themes infused with contemporary elements, Yohangza is driven by a thirst for experimentation.

The result is this production, bustling with mischievous high energy Dokkebi (Korean goblins) and colourful local characters inspired by their Shakespearean counterparts.

The production has been described as a “compelling and fresh mix of energetic dance, voice and percussion interwoven with stories of Korean folklore, mythology and history… a sensory and aesthetic journey drawing us to both past and future, and always strongly connected with Korea’s identity and spirit.”

Director Jung-Ung Yang’s original script, incorporating themes and characters from Korean culture and folklore, features flamboyant characters such as the Dokkebi, who love to sing and dance, and Ajumi, a feisty woman wandering the forest collecting herbs to sell at the market.

He also uses traditional arts such as Japanese Kabuki, Indian Kathakali and Korean martial arts in an attempt to fuse theatrical elements, as a way of expression.

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