InKo Centre in association with the Korea Foundation, Korea Arts Management Service, the Performing Arts Market in Seoul, Nalanda Way and Ranga Shankara is delighted to premiere The Tale of Haruk by Performance Group Tuida in India. Catch this fascinating show, featuring traditional Korean puppets made of paper, unique native masks and percussion instruments made of recycled-material at Nalanda Way's Art, Arrattai, Aarpattam in Chennai on 24 July 2010 and on 27 July 2010 at Ranga Shankara in Bangalore.

About Tale of Haruk
The Tale of Haruk is a lyrical and beautiful story of Haruk who has eaten up the whole world! The tale is based on things left behind by Koreaís ancestors and the spirit of recycling waste and preserving nature. The work is a major repertory of Performance Group Tuida and the story is based on Korean folktales. The musical instruments, props, costumes and puppets are made from traditional and eco-friendly materials such as Korean paper, straw and hemp, or from trash. It is a tale that breaks down barriers of region, race, religion and rebirth to become an everymanís tale that anyone can sympathize with.
Debuting in 2002, The Tale of Haruk won four awards including Best Production at the Seoul Children's Theatre Awards and has been invited to festivals in Japan, China, Singapore, Hungary, Australia, Turkey, Russia and Austria. At the 2009 International Theatre Kingfestival in Russia, it won both the Best Production and Young Critics prizes for the first time in the festivalís history.
A long, long time ago, there lived an old woman and old man. The couple lived in the mountains and as they no children they were very lonely. The Spirit of Holy Tree gave them a child whose was named Haruk. The couple were warned that Haruk should eat nothing but dew. The couple were delighted with Haruk whom they loved very dearly. When Haruk was old enough to think for himself, he asked the old couple if he could eat some rice. Haruk eats the rice and that his parents give him and rapidly growing stronger and larger, he begins to eat everything that he sees. After eating almost everything in sight he leaves the old couple to go wandering all over the world. When he comes back, Haruk who is now gigantic, is unable to see the old man and the old woman. Hearing Harukís pitiful cries of hunger, the old couple, in an act of unconditional parental love, decide to offer themselves up to assuage his hunger.
  About Performance Group TUIDA :
Performance Group Tuida was formed in 2001 by eight graduates of the Korean National University of Arts who aimed to create an open, nature-friendly and evolving repertoire.Through an acting method that combined traditions of both Eastern and Western clowns, their performances are interfused with fantastic and creative puppets, masks and music. Their unique signature is built upon continuous experimentation in each production. The groupís Korean-yet-cosmopolitan style has earned them high acclaim in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States and Ireland where they have presented their work at numerous international childrenís festivals.
Beautifully refined style, creative idea and an extremely original plot have produced a very unique and touching play. Bae Yo Sub, director and playwright lets the audiences see his skill in visualising a dream world. The audiences will be awestruck at the sight of the cloth inflating to fill the stagewhen Haruk devours everything around him. - HanKook Ilbo, Korea

The play starts with the premise that ĎThis is a play.í The performers play many roles. They sometimes become a character in the story, sometimes play musical instruments, and sometimes manipulate puppets. Theatrical illusion does not lie in hiding things but in revealing them. - DongAh Ilbo, Korea

We pay attention to the other side of the language. We usually try to speak logically with a whole lot of words. But when we trust and understand each other we donít need many words. The Tale of Haruk will show you that abundant meanings and expressions can be found in a single word, "Haruk". - The Times
Venue: Sr Muth Venkatasubba Roa Concert Hall, Chennai
Date: 24 july 2010
Workshop: 25 July Workshop for Actors with the Performance Group Tuida at InKo Centre, Chennai - For further information, call: InKo Centre- 044-24361224
Venue: Ranga Shankara, Bangalore
Date: 27 July 2010
Workshop: 28 July Workshop for Actors with the Performance Group Tuida at Ranga Shankara, Bangalore - For further information, write to rstheatre@gmail.com