A Korean Folktale ... presented by mellifluous singers and skilled actors, playing traditional Korean musical instruments, on a stage that bursts into life! The Tiger with white eyebrows is a Pansori musical with 4 Pansori singers as storytellers. Each storyteller occasionally transforms into a one-thousand-year-old tiger or a child, presenting and singing a story. The Pansori singers who harmoniously transform into various characters, present humorous rhythms and tunes and lively musical performances, with a variety of uniquely Korean instruments. Vibrant, colourful, this is a performance that creates magic with music and movement, to present, through a uniquely Korean folktale, truths that are universal,ever-new and forever relevant.

This play was performed in 2012 to critical acclaim at the Keochang International Festival of Theatre and has been published as a book in Japanese, French and as an electronic application in Korean, English, Japanese, French and Chinese.

InKo Centre and Arts Council Korea are delighted to premiere this award-winning production at three Children’s Festivals in Chennai, Gurgaon and Bangalore between 9 and 17 July 2014.

Synopsis Long, long time ago, deep in the woods lived a thousand-year old tiger. The tiger had long, white eyebrows which had a special power, the power to read people’s minds. He ate people with impure hearts. One day, he met a child who wanted to touch its eyebrows. But the tiger said that he can do that only if his soul was pure, failing which he would eat him. To his surprise, the child’s soul and mind were immaculate. So the tiger gave one of his eyebrows to the child who began to travel all over the country. Do you know where this child is now?

Duration 60 minutes (without an interval)

Cast Actors: Song Bora, Jo Ella, Lee Wonkyung, Seo Eojin Musicians: Jung Jongim, Moon Sooji, Hwang Hyunsun, Baek Hahyungki

Staff Director Kim Mijeong Art Education Director Park Youngju Music Director Jung Jongim Light Designer Kang Jeonghee Sound Designer Been Dongjun Stage Manager Han Songhee Tour Manager Hwang Eunjin Producer Jeong Kyunghwa

Instruments Gayageum, Daegeum, Sogeum, Janggu, Soribuk, Yanggeum Windchime, Woodblock, Cymbals, Xylophone, Bass

About TAROO Taroo is a performance group which creates and performs Korean classical musicals, drawing inspiration from Korean traditional arts and pansori. This performance group has gained popularity with bold and brilliant creative performances that present the best attributes of pansori but varied from its standard pattern. Taroo was awarded "The Arts Performance of the Year" in the field of traditional arts in 2006 and was invited to various performance arts festivals. Taroo's The Tiger with white eyebrows was selected as a PAMS Choice showcase event at the Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) in 2013.
web-site www.taroo.com, Twitter @on_taroo, Facebook www.facebook.com/tarooloke

The Tiger with white eyebrows premieres in India at the following Festivals:
The Little Festival at Museum Theatre, Chennai 9 & 10 July 2014
IPSAA, Gurgaon 13 & 14 July 2014
The Aha! Festival at Ranga Shankara, Bangalore 16 & 17 July 2014

The Little Festival believes that theatre is a wonderful tool to help youngsters develop self-confidence, self-esteem and global understanding of one another. It is also a great way to promote peace and understanding and empathy in an otherwise intolerant world. "the little festival" is an international theatre festival for young audiences organised by The Little Theatre, every year in Chennai, South India. The Little Theatre has presented an annuall Christmas Pantomime every year, in Chennai, for the last 19 years. In the fifth edition this year, The Little Festival will present four three productions, two from India and one from Korea.

To book tickets, log on to www.indianstage.in or call 044-28211115 or+91-9677125738 For further information, log on to www.thelittlefestival.com or e mail: thelittletheatre@gmail.com

Ranga Shankara has been at the forefront of nurturing a meaningful theatre culture in India. Approximately, 3000 plays have been staged in the span of 10 years. The AHA! Theatre for Children Program, which commenced in 2006, now boasts of 8 plays in its repertoire, five successful International Theatre Festivals for Children and 5 seasons of Summer Workshops which have reached out to over 150,000 children. AHA! 2014 is a riveting ensemble of puppetry,object theatre, clown acts and musicals. Apart from watching plays, kids are exposed to an interactive ambience with participatory activities. theatre Acclaimed companies from Korea, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, Poland - have performed in past editions of the Aha! Festival. The sixth edition of the AHA! Festival is scheduled from July 12 to July 20, 2014.

For tickets and for further information, Tickets will be available at Rangashankara and at bookmyshow.com There are special discounted rates for school children.

The presenter in Gurgaon, IPSAA is a joint venture with Shriram New Horizons Ltd. IPSAA, which is a centre of art culture with Kat-Katha as its knowledge partner, plans to present two special shows for school children and one public show, with the aim to showcase quality theatre for children.

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** For further information, please contact InKo Centre- 044-2436 1224.