Our Visual Arts programme aims at presenting exceptional examples of work across the following art forms:

  • Painting
  • Ceramic
  • Sculpture
  • Craft

The focus, while selecting the programmes that we present, is on the contemporary re-working of tradition and the resultant continuing relevance of such tradition in the contemporary world.

Our current programme works at four levels:
  • - Presentation of exhibitions from Korea in India.
  • - Development and presentation of Indo-Korean exhibitions in India and Korea, with curators from both countries selecting artists/artistic works from each country.
  • - Indo-Korean creative residencies to share best practices and develop new work in India and Korea.
  • - Specialist skill-development workshops in India and Korea and publication of workshop findings for further dissemination to relevant artistic groups.
All our Visual Arts programmes are developed in consultation and with support from relevant partners in India and Korea.

Title of the exhibition /project Art Form Partners Dates
Painting - Confluence Painting Forum Art Gallery, Chennai, India 20 - 28 July 2007
Ceramic - Earth Synergy Ceramic The Korean Society of Ceramic Arts
International Symposium Natural Dyes Craft Museum of Natural Dye Arts, Daegu 22-27 September 2008
Earthwise - Natural Dye exhibition Craft Museum of Natural Dye Arts, Korea 17 - 26 October 2011
Earthenware Ceramic The Ulsan World Onggi - International Onggi (Earthenware) Competition 9 October - 8 November 2009
Lamp of the East Painting Arts Council Korea (ARKO) 3 - 13 November 2010
Korean Contemporary Spectrum Painting K-Art Pusan 24 July - 4 August 2011
Natural Dye exhibition Craft Museum of Natural Dye Arts, Korea 17 - 26 October 2011
EarthMatters - Ceramic residency and exhibition Ceramic Arts Council Korea (ARKO) 12 January - 23 February 2012
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